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Steel 300M, also known as AISI 4340 Modified, is a low-alloy steel that is renowned for its high strength, fatigue resistance, and toughness. These characteristics make it valuable and useful in aerospace, aviation, automotive, and racing. Its core components include chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. The vacuum-melted steel is easy to form and machine due to its ductility. When heat-treated, it possesses higher strength and toughness. There are different options to choose from in terms of form, such as bars, sheets, and plates. When working with this material use cutting tools with a positive rake angle to get the best results. Also, remember not to weld it when it is hardened.


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300M BMS 7-26 Physical Properties

  • Density: 0.284 lb/in3 (7.85 g/cm3)
  • Thermal conductivity: 23.1 BTU/(hr·ft·°F) (40 W/m-K)
  • Specific heat capacity: 0.11 BTU/lb·°F (460 J/kg-K)
  • Mean coefficient of thermal expansion: 6.13×10-6 in/(in·°F) (11.0×10-6m/(m·K))

300M BMS 7-26 Chemical Composition


300M BMS 7-26 Mechanical Properties

  • Ultimate tensile strength: 280 ksi (1931 MPa)
  • Yield strength: 230 ksi (1586 MPa)
  • Elongation at break: 10%
  • Modus of elasticity: 30 x106 psi (207 GPa)
  • Shear modulus: 11.5 x 106 psi (79.3 GPa)
  • Poisson’s ratio: 0.3

Fabrication and Working Instructions

Given Steel 300M’s machinability, it can be worked using standard methods like sawing, turning, drilling, cutting, boring, and grinding. The material is usually supplied in both normalized and tempered conditions. Clients may also purchase it in its annealed condition and then easily machine it to the desired shape. The ideal approach to machining this alloy is to use a coarse lamellar pearlitic or a spheroidized structure.

As the material’s strength increases, its machinability decreases, which is why it is less ideal to machine it in its hardened or tempered state. If welding is required, do such when the material is annealed to get the best mechanical properties, not when tempered or hardened as it increases the risk of quench cracking.

When welding the steel, preheat it to around 400-580 °F (≈200-300 °C), then subject it to after-welding stress relief of 1020-1200 °F (≈550-650 °C). For tempered-condition material, the stress relief should be 60 °F (15 °C) lower than the tempering temperature.

Steel 300M is suitable for hot and cold forming, including forging, extrusion, and rolling. However, make sure that the material is heated uniformly to avoid cracking during formation. After forming, cool it slowly to avoid any residual stresses.

Heat Treatment

The most common heat treatment for Steel 300M is oil quenching and tempering. First, it is normalized at 1700 °F (927 °C) for some hours, exceeding its upper critical temperature. This helps to refine the grain structure of the material and improve its mechanical properties. The next step is austenitizing, which entails heating the steel to 1600°F (872°C), at which point it becomes fully austenitic. It is then quenched in oil or water to achieve a martensitic structure.

The rapid cooling rate of quenching causes the steel to harden, but it also makes it brittle or distorted. To improve its toughness and ductility, the steel is then tempered by heating it to a temperature below its critical range, typically around 900 °F (482 °C) for 4 hours. It is then cooled in still air to achieve a pearlitic structure.

It is advised that only professionals with the required equipment and skills should perform this procedure, and that should be done in a safe environment. In addition, following the recommended heat treatment specifications is crucial for the specific steel grade and shape in use.

What is Steel BMS7-26?

BMS 7-26 is a modification of the basic 300M low-alloy steel. Developed by The Boeing Company, it is used in aerospace and motorsport due to its high tensile strength and high impact resistance.

Properties of BMS7-26


BMS 7-26 steel contains 0.40-0.44% carbon, 0.08% vanadium, 0.75% manganese, 1.60% silicon, 0.82% chromium, 0.40% molybdenum, and 1.8% nickel.


Applications of BMS7-26

BMS 7-26 steel is widely used in aerospace, motorsports, defense, and other high-performance industries that require exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and toughness. Aerospace is an excellent case in point; BMS7-26 steel is used to manufacture aircraft components like landing gears, engine mounts and drive shafts, that are designed to withstand high stresses.

Advantages of BMS7-26

BMS 7-26 offers several advantages over standard 300M steel, including improved hardenability, strength, and fracture toughness. It is also highly resistant to fatigue, making it an ideal material for high-stress applications.

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