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C465 alloy steel is recognized for its impressive mechanical properties of strength and durability, as well as being low-carbon and wholly lacking in nickel. Its capacity to endure high levels of stress and fatigue make it a popular choice for the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.

The superior resistance to corrosion and wear provided by C465 alloy steel makes it an ideal choice for use in challenging settings. This is due to the small amount of chromium present, which prevents the formation of rust and other forms of oxidation through providing a protective coating. As a result, this type of steel can be beneficial for those who expect their equipment to come into contact with moisture or harsher chemicals.

Friend Metals Distributor specializes in supplying the highest-grade C465 alloy steel. No matter what form you need – whether it’s bars, tubes or something more custom – our experts are here to help choose the right size and shape for your project requirements. Additionally, we offer first-class fabrication services tailored to match precisely what you require.

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C465 Bar

C465 alloy steel bar is a popular choice for a variety of applications in the aerospace, defense, and automotive sectors. Its superior strength and resistance to fatigue make it an ideal material for manufacturing machinery, equipment and tools that require robustness. In addition to these industries, this versatile metal has also found its way into construction projects in search of solidity.

Friend Metals Co is devoted to delivering excellent products and outstanding customer service. We stand firmly behind every single item we offer, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have concerning C465 alloy steel bar or any of our other goods. Reach out today to find out how we can fulfill your needs in terms of alloy steel.

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C465 Forging

Friend Metals Co is proud to offer C465 forging in the form of low-carbon, nickel-free steel. This particular material boasts excellent strength and durability, along with remarkable resistance to corrosion and wear due to its chromium content. The small amount of chromium acts as a protective layer, shielding the metal against rusting or oxidation.

Friend Metals Co has a commitment to excellence when it comes to producing C465 alloy steel forgings. Our state-of-the-art forging techniques work in tandem with the highest quality materials to provide custom services that meet even the most specific requirements. Furthermore, we create these components in an array of shapes and sizes as desired by our customers.

C465 alloy steel forgings are a popular choice for industries like aerospace, defense, and automotive due to their strength and durability. Our company provides additional services on top of manufacturing such as heat treatment and machining so that your C465 alloy steel forgings can be employed immediately upon delivery.  

From materials used to design optimization – you can rest assured that each of the forgings we provide is built with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Furthering this commitment, we proudly offer excellent customer service every step of the way and exceed expectations on all products sold.

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AMS 5936

The C465 family of alloys is well-known for its exceptional performance, and one such alloy amongst them is AMS 5936. This low-carbon, nickel-free steel has made an impact in the aerospace industry due to its robustness as it features superior strength, long-term durability, as well as resistance to corrosion and wear.

AMS 5936 alloy steel must meet specific requirements in order to be considered suitable for use. These include its chemical composition, mechanical properties, heat treatment, and testing procedures. To ensure a high degree of purity and consistency, the production process must involve vacuum-induction melting and consumable electrode vacuum-arc remelting.

A remarkable choice for heavy-duty machinery and equipment is AMS 5936 alloy steel. Its exceptional strength and toughness make it an ideal material for parts that require high-performance, such as aircraft landing gear, engine components, and structural elements. This resilient metal is also frequently employed in the construction of robust tools and mechanisms.

Friend Metals Co is pleased to supply our customers with a range of AMS 5936 alloy steel products that satisfy all industry requirements. In addition to bars and forgings, we can customize these items according to your specific needs by utilizing our comprehensive fabrication services.



Widely utilized in the aerospace sector, BMS7-364 is a variant of the 300 series austenitic stainless steels. These materials are renowned for their outstanding corrosion resistance and high strength properties, which make them ideal for use in this industry.

The details of BMS7-364 stainless steel are described in the following outline, including what is needed in terms of chemical composition, mechanical properties, heat treatment, and testing requirements. Vacuum-induction melting is essential for production, as well as solution annealing with a rapid quench to ensure the desired strength and corrosion resistance can be achieved.

For applications requiring a robust component, BMS7-364 stainless steel has become the material of choice. Its impressive strength and corrosion resistance make it an ideal option for aircraft engine components, fasteners and structural parts, as well as heavy-duty machinery and equipment. Utilized in critical areas that call for top performance, BMS7-364 is highly sought after.

Friend Metals Co prides itself on supplying high grade BMS7-364 stainless steel products that pass the toughest standards. This material is available in a variety of different forms, such as bars and forgings, and don’t forget our custom fabrication services for when your specific requirements can’t be met with pre-made stock.

Chemical Composition Of Alloy Steel C465

The chemical composition of C465 alloy steel typically includes:

  • Carbon (C): 0.05% max
  • Manganese (Mn): 0.20-0.60%
  • Silicon (Si): 0.20-0.50%
  • Chromium (Cr): 0.80-1.10%
  • Molybdenum (Mo): 0.15-0.25%
  • Nickel (Ni): 1.25-1.75%
  • Phosphorus (P): 0.025% max
  • Sulfur (S): 0.025% max


Note that exact chemical composition may vary slightly depending on the specific manufacturer or supplier of C465 alloy steel.

Mechanical Properties Of Alloy Steel C465

The mechanical properties of C465 alloy steel can vary depending on the specific manufacturing process and heat treatment used. However, typical mechanical properties for C465 alloy steel are:

  • Tensile strength: 190,000-215,000 psi
  • Yield strength: 170,000-195,000 psi
  • Elongation: 8-12%
  • Reduction of area: 25-35%
  • Hardness: 38-43 HRC (Rockwell C)


When considering the use of C465 alloy steel, one should be aware that mechanical properties may differ depending on the specific application and manufacturing process. Therefore, in order to ensure accuracy and reliability, consulting with the manufacturer or supplier for more accurate mechanical property values is recommended.

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