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Welcome to Friend Metals, the beacon of quality in the realm of stainless steel. As a premier stainless steel distributor rooted in the heart of California, our legacy extends over 30 enriching years in the aerospace industry for stainless steel metal supply. 

Full-Service Stainless Steel Supplier

We take immense pride in being a full-service stainless steel supplier, ensuring that whether you’re an aerospace giant or a budding commercial venture, your metal needs are met with unmatched precision and integrity. Our specialization doesn’t just lie in providing a stainless steel metal supply; it’s the aerospace-grade promise that comes with it. As a Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) SS supplier, our products resonate with the high standards that the aerospace sector demands.

It’s not just about being a leading stainless steel supplier near you. At Friend Metals, it’s about raising the benchmark. Our Quality Management System’s unwavering conformance to AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 standards bear testimony to this dedication. So, when you think of a dependable steel supply near me – think Friend Metals, think quality, think legacy.

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Our Stainless Steel Metal Products

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  • AMS 5659 BAR: A pinnacle of strength and resilience, this bar is a testimony to the durability that defines Friend Metals.
  • AMS 5862 PLATE: Crafted to perfection, this plate is an epitome of robustness fused with aesthetic brilliance.
  • BMS7-240 PLATE: Setting the gold standard in aerospace-grade stainless steel, this plate is designed for the discerning customer who prioritizes both quality and reliability.
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  • AMS 5629 BAR: The convergence of strength, durability and design, AMS 5629 bar promises longevity that’s truly unmatched.

Our Promise as a SS Distributor

At Friend Metals, we don’t just see ourselves as another stainless steel distributor; we envision a legacy of trust, quality, and relentless commitment.

Our dedication lies in delivering high-quality stainless steel products, tailored to meet the singular demands of every client, we go above and beyond to ensure every piece aligns with your specifications.

Being a leading stainless steel supplier comes with its set of responsibilities, and topping that list is our aim to provide these impeccable products at prices that do justice to every budget. 

Choosing Friend Metals is choosing a Legacy

When it comes to selecting a stainless steel distributor, there’s a myriad of choices. But few stand tall on the pillars of trust, quality, and commitment like Friend Metals.

  1. Decades of Mastery: With over 30 years of entrenched industry expertise, we’ve not just been a part of the stainless steel narrative; we’ve helped shape it.
  2. Inventory That Speaks Volumes: Our extensive inventory is a testament to our commitment to cater to an array of needs.
  3. A Team Like No Other: Our expert sales team, deeply rooted in knowledge and customer-centricity, stands ready to serve the diverse requirements of both the aviation and commercial sectors.
  4. Promptness in Every Delivery: Nationwide, our swift delivery services ensure that your timelines are never compromised. When you partner with a leading stainless steel distributor like Friend Metals, you’re signing up for efficiency, punctuality, and dependability.
  5. Seamless Communication: With the advantage of a toll-free number, you’re always a call away from hassle-free interactions, expert consultations, and swift resolutions.

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