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4340 alloy steel is a widely used material in the aerospace and manufacturing industry. Because of its excellent strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance, 4340 is very popular. 4340 alloy is a combination of iron, carbon, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. This is a high-strength steel that is capable of withstanding high stresses and loads.

At Friend Metals Co, we offer alloy steel 4340 in a variety of forms including round bars, flat bars, and plate. We offer alloy steel 4340 in various sizes, which allows our customers to choose the right size for their specific needs.

The 4340 alloy steel is remarkable for its capability to be subjected to heat treatment, and in doing so; its mechanical properties are further improved. Quenching and tempering, annealing, and normalizing are among the methods used in this process. By undergoing these processes, the hardness, strength, and ductility of the alloy are increased, making it a fitting choice for use in strenuous situations such as airplane landing gear pieces, engine parts or transmission components.

Friend Metals Co is dedicated to providing superior materials that stand up to the requirements of our customers. Our alloy steel 4340 has gone through intensive testing and inspection processes in order to meet our stringent quality standards. We value direct communication with our customers, understanding their needs so that we can suggest customized solutions that are precisely designed for them.

4340 Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a crucial process for alloy steel 4340, which can significantly improve its mechanical properties, including strength, hardness, and toughness. There are several heat treatment methods available for 4340 alloy steel, including quenching and tempering, annealing, and normalizing.

Applying the heat treatment process of quenching and tempering to 4340 alloy steel is a common technique. This process entails heating the steel up to an extreme temperature, usually between 1500-1600°F (815-870°C), and then rapidly cooling it with a medium such as oil or water. The quick cooling procedure leads to increased strength and hardness but also results in brittleness. To restore the material’s ductility, it is reheated to a lower temperature ranging from 300-1100°F (150-590°C) depending on desired mechanical properties. Furthermore, this reheating has the added benefit of eliminating internal pressures in the steel and enhancing its toughness.

At Friend Metals Co, we offer 4340 alloy steel that is suitable for all heat treatment methods, including quenching and tempering, annealing, and normalizing.

4330 Forging

4340 Forging

We offer 4340 steel alloys of high strength, great toughness and remarkable fatigue resistance that make it an ideal material for forging. Our 4340 steel comes in various sizes and shapes suited to your needs.

Shaping metal into a desired form is the main objective of the process known as Forging. To do so, pressure and heat must be applied to deform it accordingly. Alloy steel 4340 is commonly used for this task when creating components that are under high stress, needing superb strength and toughness like crankshafts, gears and more.

Forging 4340 alloy steel typically involves being heated up to 1175-1230°C and then compressed in a press or hammered into shape. This hot forging process helps to refine its grain structure, making it stronger and more consistent overall. Therefore, this procedure is carried out with temperatures between 2150-2250°F.

Friend Metals Co is proud to provide superior-quality 4340 alloy steel for forging processes. We offer our customers a wide array of forms, such as flat and round bars, that are sure to suit any industry’s needs. In order to ensure the highest quality results, we subject each piece of 4340 alloy steel to precise testing and inspection.  

4330 Bar

4340 Bar

At Friend Metals Co, we are proud to provide a wide selection of high-quality and resilient alloys for many industries, including oil and gas, automotive, and aerospace. Our selection of alloys includes the 4340 grade, which is widely used due to its strength and versatility. We offer this material in various sizes and forms to accommodate each customer’s preferences.

Alloy steel 4340 is renowned for its durability and strength. The composition of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, imbues it with the ability to resist wear, oxidation at high temperatures, as well as corrosion.

Friend Metals Co is proud to offer 4340 alloy steel bars of different shapes and sizes. Our selection consists of round, square, and rectangular bars that are available in various lengths and measurements. We can even provide tailored cutting services for customers wanting a specific length or size.

Heat treatment of alloy steel 4340 bars is a key factor to boosting the strength, hardness, and toughness. Common forms of this heat treatment include quenching and tempering, annealing, and normalizing – all of which aid in elevating the material’s mechanical properties. Due to such performance benefits, 4340 alloy steel is frequently employed in high-stress components including shafts, gears and other machine parts.

Friend Metals Co understands that meeting the expectations of customers is vital. That’s why our 4340 alloy steel bars are subject to rigorous testing and monitoring to guarantee they are up to mark.

Are you in need of a steel bar that will provide superior strength, toughness and wear resistance? Look no further than 4340 steel bars. Produced by Friend Metals Co, these bars are ideal for any high-stress application as they can resist corrosion too. Different sizes and forms are available to suit your particular needs – why not contact us today to explore our offerings?

Steel 4340 Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of steel 4340 is as follows:

  • Carbon (C): 0.38-0.43{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41}
  • Silicon (Si): 0.15-0.35{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41}
  • Manganese (Mn): 0.65-0.9{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41}
  • Phosphorus (P): 0.035{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41} max
  • Sulfur (S): 0.040{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41} max
  • Chromium (Cr): 0.7-0.9{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41}
  • Nickel (Ni): 1.65-2.00{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41}
  • Molybdenum (Mo): 0.2-0.3{04ea67b2c7b9fecccfb88d49a7a105b174bbd6a9cf4931daad9fe097f463dc41}

A combination of chromium, nickel, molybdenum form an alloy that is popularly known as 4340 grade low-alloy high-strength in the field of steels. Possessing excellent resistance to wear and tear as well as corrosion caused by heat oxidation, this material also demonstrates enhanced strength and toughness due to its composition.

The alloy steel 4340 is known for its outstanding level of strength and tough-as-nails durability, thanks to a couple key components. At the head of the list are two primary alloying elements – namely, manganese and carbons – without which these properties wouldn’t be achievable. As well as this, silicon plays an important role in enhancing both strength and hardness.

AMS Number

AMS 6415


AMS 6414


AMS 6484


AMS 6409


AMS 6359


AMS  S5000




MIL S5000


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