AMS 6491 Alloy Steel Bars and Forgings

AMS 6491 Specification M50 Alloy Steel

AMS 6491 Bars Supplier

As a leading AMS 6491 Bar Supplier, we are committed to providing a specialized alloy that transcends conventional material capabilities.  Selecting us as your AMS 6491 bar supplier means opting for a service that is attuned to the cutting edge of material technology. Partner with us, and step into a future where material limitations are a thing of the past. Unique aspects of our AMS 6491 bar supply:
  • Advanced Material Engineering: Our AMS 6491 bars are the result of advanced material engineering, offering an alloy that is fine-tuned for superior performance.
  • Customization for Niche Applications: Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer AMS 6491 bars customized for niche applications. Whether it’s for cutting-edge aerospace designs, high-precision medical instruments, or groundbreaking renewable energy projects, our bars are adaptable to the specific requirements of these innovative fields.
  • Beyond Aerospace: While AMS 6491 bars are predominantly known in the aerospace sector, their application extends to other avant-garde industries.
  • Collaborative Approach to Supply: We go beyond being just suppliers; we position ourselves as partners in our clients’ innovative endeavors.

AMS 6491 Forging Service

Choosing our AMS 6491 Bar Forging Service means partnering with a provider that is at the cutting edge of forging technology and material science. Innovative Forging for Advanced Applications:
  • Precision Forging with AMS 6491: Our service specializes in precision forging of AMS 6491 bars, a material known for its exceptional strength and toughness.
  • Custom Solutions for Diverse Industries: Our AMS 6491 forging service is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each application, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Integration of Advanced Technologies: In our forging processes, we integrate advanced technologies such as computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation software.

AMS 6491 Uses

Unconventional uses of AMS 6491 bars:

  1. Space Exploration: In the realm of space exploration, AMS 6491 bars are used in the manufacturing of spacecraft components.
  2. Advanced Robotics: The robotics industry, especially in sectors involving high-precision and extreme environments, utilizes AMS 6491 bars.
  3. High-Tech Automotive Applications: Beyond traditional automotive uses, AMS 6491 bars are finding their place in the development of electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles. Components made from AMS 6491 bars contribute to the lightweight and robust construction of these next-generation vehicles.
  4. Renewable Energy Sector: In wind turbines and other renewable energy equipment, AMS 6491 bars are used due to their ability to withstand high-stress environments and fluctuating temperatures, ensuring reliability and efficiency in renewable energy production.
  5. Medical Technology Innovations: The medical industry is exploring the use of AMS 6491 bars in advanced medical devices and equipment.
  6. Marine Engineering: In the marine industry, particularly in the construction of high-performance boats and subsea equipment, AMS 6491 bars are valued for their corrosion resistance and strength, essential for withstanding harsh oceanic conditions.
  7. Extreme Sports Equipment: In the world of extreme sports, AMS 6491 bars are being used to develop equipment that requires materials capable of enduring high stress and impact, such as mountain climbing gear and high-performance racing components.
AMS 6491 bars, through our supply, are not just meeting but exceeding the demands of traditional industries. Partnering with us for your AMS 6491 bar needs means tapping into a world of possibilities where material limitations are no longer a constraint to innovation and progress.

AMS 6491 Composition & Properties


Here is detailed information on the composition and properties of AMS 6491:



Specification in Aerospace Industry

Carbon (C)

0.30 – 0.38%

Manganese (Mn)

0.40 – 0.60%

Silicon (Si)

0.20 – 0.35%

Chromium (Cr)

1.00 – 1.40%

Nickel (Ni)

3.25 – 3.75%

Molybdenum (Mo)

0.35 – 0.55%

Vanadium (V)

0.05 – 0.15%

Tensile Strength

Typically > 260 ksi (1793 MPa)

Yield Strength

Typically > 240 ksi (1655 MPa)

Elongation in 2″ (%)

Typically > 8%

Reduction of Area (%)

Typically > 40%

Hardness (Rockwell C)

Typically 38-43 HRC



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