How to Choose a Reliable Titanium Supplier?


When selecting a titanium supplier, it’s crucial to prioritize quality, consistency, and reliability. Certifications and adherence to industry standards are also indicative of a trustworthy supplier. Ensure that they have a transparent supply chain and can consistently meet your volume needs. Additionally, consider their lead times, pricing, and customer service responsiveness. A reliable supplier will […]

Aerospace Applications Where Stainless Steel Forgings Shine


The process of forging stainless steel involves shaping stainless steel alloys using controlled deformation, often aided by heat and mechanical force. This technique endows the metal with enhanced mechanical attributes, including augmented strength, resilience, and improved resistance against fatigue and corrosion. Consequently, stainless steel forgings find their way into an array of aerospace parts, from […]

Heat Treatment and AMS Stainless Steel: What Aerospace Clients Need to Know

4330 Bar

Heat treatment plays a critical role in the aerospace industry, particularly concerning the use of AMS stainless steel. AMS standards encompass various aspects, including material composition, mechanical properties, heat treatment, and testing methods. Compliance with AMS standards is essential to guarantee the suitability and reliability of materials in aerospace applications. It is important to understand […]

Best Practices for Storing and Handling AMS Metals

AMS Specifications for Stainless Steel

Proper storage and handling of AMS (Aerospace Material Specifications) metals are crucial to maintaining their quality and integrity. These materials are designed to meet stringent aerospace requirements, and any deviation from recommended storage and handling practices can compromise their performance and safety. In this article, we will learn about the best practices for ensuring the […]

Understanding Titanium Grades: A Comprehensive Guide for Different Applications


Titanium is well known for its strength, lightness, and bio-compatibility, has established a dominant role in industries spanning from aerospace to medicine. Its versatility is not just about its intrinsic characteristics but also the range of grades available that cater to diverse applications.   Basics of Titanium and Its Properties Titanium is a silverish-white transition […]

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