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What is the BMS 7-364 Boeing specification (C465)?

BMS 7-364, a Boeing Material Specification, defines the standards for C465 stainless steel, an advanced alloy that is shaping the future of aerospace engineering. This specification is not just a set of guidelines; it represents Boeing’s commitment to pioneering with materials that offer enhanced performance, durability, and safety in aviation. Key Highlights of BMS 7-364 Specification for C465 Stainless Steel:
  • Advanced Alloy Composition: BMS 7-364 outlines the composition for C465 stainless steel, a high-strength, martensitic, age-hardenable alloy. This composition is carefully tailored to provide a unique balance of strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability.
  • Enhanced Material Properties: The specification ensures that C465 stainless steel exhibits exceptional properties such as high tensile strength, excellent toughness, and superior corrosion resistance, making it ideal for critical aerospace components.
  • Heat Treatment and Processing Standards: BMS 7-364 includes specific requirements for heat treatment and processing of C465 stainless steel. These standards are crucial for achieving the desired mechanical properties and ensuring the material’s suitability for aerospace applications.
  • Quality and Testing Protocols: The specification mandates stringent quality control and testing protocols, including detailed inspections and non-destructive testing methods. This ensures that C465 stainless steel meets the highest standards of quality and reliability required in the aerospace industry.
  • Application in Aerospace Innovations: C465 stainless steel under BMS 7-364 is not just limited to traditional aerospace components. It is being increasingly used in new aerospace designs and technologies, such as advanced jet engines, landing gear systems, and structural components of next-generation aircraft.

BMS 7-364 Bar Supplier: Aerospace Material Solutions

As a specialized BMS 7-364 Bar Supplier, we are not just providing a material; we are offering a gateway to the future of aerospace engineering. BMS 7-364, a Boeing Material Specification for C465 stainless steel, signifies a leap in material technology, and we are at the forefront of this revolution. Innovative Supply of BMS 7-364 Bars:
  • Tailored Aerospace Alloy: Our BMS 7-364 bars are more than high-strength stainless steel; they represent an advanced alloy specifically designed for the aerospace industry’s evolving needs.
  • Custom Solutions for Advanced Designs: We understand that the aerospace industry is moving towards more complex and efficient designs. Our BMS 7-364 bars are supplied with this in mind, offering custom solutions that fit into the innovative designs of next-generation aerospace applications.
  • Sustainable and Responsible Supply: Recognizing the importance of sustainability in the aerospace industry, our supply chain for BMS 7-364 bars is geared towards minimizing environmental impact.
  • Beyond Conventional Applications: While BMS 7-364 bars are primarily used in aerospace, their potential extends to other high-tech industries.

BMS 7-364 Forging Service

Experience Precision and Quality with Our BMS 7-364 Forging Service

At Friend Metals, we specialize in providing top-tier forging services conforming to the BMS 7-364 standard. What is BMS 7-364 Forging? BMS 7-364 forging refers to a specific standard set by Boeing Material Specification (BMS). Our state-of-the-art forging facility is equipped with advanced machinery and technology to handle complex geometries. Our capabilities include:
  • Precision Forging: We produce parts with exact dimensions and minimal machining requirements, saving time and reducing waste.
  • Complex Geometries: Our expertise allows us to forge components with intricate shapes and designs, maintaining tight tolerances and high-quality finishes.
  • Custom Solutions: We cater to unique requirements and offer custom forging solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Quality Assurance Quality is at the core of our BMS 7-364 forging service. Our quality assurance includes:
  • Material Traceability: We maintain complete traceability of materials to ensure compliance with BMS 7-364 standards.
  • In-Process Inspections: Our team conducts regular inspections during the forging process to detect and rectify any deviations promptly.
  • Certification and Compliance: All our forged products are accompanied by certificates of compliance, attesting to their adherence to BMS 7-364 and other relevant standards.  

Exploring the Innovative Uses of BMS 7-364

BMS 7-364, widely recognized in the aerospace industry for its stringent standards, has applications that extend beyond the conventional. BMS 7-364 has remarkable potential in other sectors too. Some innovative uses include:
  1. Marine Engineering: The corrosion-resistant properties of materials conforming to BMS 7-364 standards make them ideal for marine applications. Components such as high-strength fasteners and structural parts in ships and submarines benefit from the durability and resilience offered by these materials.
  2. High-Performance Automotive: In the realm of high-performance and luxury vehicles, components forged to BMS 7-364 specifications contribute to enhanced performance.
  3. Medical Device Manufacturing: The precision and biocompatibility of BMS 7-364 compliant materials are advantageous in creating medical devices and surgical tools.
  4. Energy Sector Innovations: In renewable energy systems and high-tech power generation, BMS 7-364 forged components ensure reliability and efficiency.

Customized Solutions with BMS 7-364

At Friend Metals, we don’t just conform to standards; we push boundaries. Our approach to using BMS 7-364 involves:
  • Tailored Engineering: We design and forge components that meet specific requirements of diverse industries, leveraging the unique properties of BMS 7-364 compliant materials.
  • Innovative Design Integration: Our team collaborates with clients to integrate BMS 7-364 materials into unconventional applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: Utilizing cutting-edge forging and fabrication methods, we produce components that meet the most challenging design specifications.

BMS 7-364: Composition & Properties


BMS 7-364 materials are pivotal in aerospace manufacturing due to their tailored compositions and properties, which ensure optimal performance under extreme conditions. Below is an illustrative table showcasing typical compositions and properties of a material under BMS 7-364 specification:



Importance in Aerospace



Titanium (Ti)


Primary base for strength

Aluminum (Al)


Adds lightness and corrosion resistance

Vanadium (V)


Enhances durability

Iron (Fe)


Improves structural integrity

Oxygen (O)


Influences ductility



Tensile Strength

900-1100 MPa

Ensures resistance to mechanical stress

Yield Strength

830-900 MPa

Indicates deformation resistance



Measures ductility

Fatigue Strength

550-600 MPa

Endurance under cyclic loads

Thermal Expansion Coefficient

9.0 µm/m°C

Predicts behavior under temperature changes

Customization and Adaptation

Our use of BMS 7-364 materials is not just about adhering to standards. At Friend Metals, we focus on:

  • Custom Alloy Development: Tailoring the composition to meet specific aerospace project requirements.
  • Advanced Testing and Analysis: Ensuring that each property of the material is optimized for its intended aerospace application.
  • Collaborative Engineering: Working closely with clients to understand and meet their unique material requirements.


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