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AMS 6417 Alloy Steel

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Welcome to our dedicated service for supplying AMS 6417 bar. As a supplier of AMS 6417 bars, Friend Metals specializes in providing high-strength, low-alloy steel bars that meet the stringent Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 6417 standards.

What sets our AMS 6417 bar supply apart?

  • Specialized Inventory: We maintain a comprehensive stock of AMS 6417 bars, ensuring immediate availability and prompt delivery.
  • Industry Compliance: All AMS 6417 bars we supply conform to the highest industry standards.
  • Versatile Applications: The AMS 6417 bar is not just limited to aerospace; it’s also a preferred material in sectors like automotive racing, heavy machinery manufacturing, and other areas where high-strength steel is critical.
  • Client-Centric Service: We prioritize understanding and meeting our clients’ unique needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: While maintaining the highest quality, we offer AMS 6417 bars at competitive prices.
  • Product Quality: We ensure that each AMS 6417 bar adheres to the specified chemical and mechanical properties, guaranteeing high strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance.
  • Range of Sizes: Our inventory includes AMS 6417 bars in a wide range of diameters and lengths, catering to diverse industrial requirements.
  • Customization Options: Understanding that different applications require different specifications, we offer customized sizing and cutting services to meet specific project needs.
  • Quality Assurance: We follow strict quality control processes to ensure that every bar meets the required standards and customer expectations.
Our commitment as an AMS 6417 bar supplier is to provide materials that stand up to the challenges of high-stress environments, delivering reliability and performance where it matters most.

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AMS 6417 Forging Service

Our AMS 6417 Forging Service is a testament to our commitment to quality and precision. Using AMS 6417 bar, known for its superior strength and endurance, we forge components that set industry benchmarks. Whether you’re in aerospace engineering, automotive manufacturing, or heavy industry, our AMS 6417 forged products offer unparalleled performance.

Why choose our AMS 6417 forging service?

  • Specialization in AMS 6417 Alloy: Our forging service is specifically tailored for AMS 6417 bar, a steel grade recognized for its high strength and robustness.  
  • Custom Forging Solutions: We offer bespoke forging services, creating components that precisely match your specifications.  .
  • Enhanced Material Properties: Through controlled forging processes, we enhance the inherent qualities of AMS 6417 bar, improving its strength, durability, and resistance to wear and fatigue.  
  • Advanced Heat Treatment Techniques: Post-forging, our heat treatment services further augment the material’s properties, offering tailored solutions to achieve the desired hardness, toughness, and strength.
  • Precision and Quality Control: Adhering to stringent quality standards, our AMS 6417 forged components undergo rigorous inspection to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. This meticulous approach guarantees reliability and performance.
  • Diverse Industry Applications: Forged AMS 6417 bars are extensively used in aerospace, automotive, defense, and heavy machinery sectors, where material failure is not an option.  
  • Collaborative Process: We work closely with our clients from the initial concept to final production, ensuring that every forged component from AMS 6417 bar meets their specific requirements and exceeds expectations.

Our AMS 6417 Forging Service stands as a beacon of excellence. We ensure that every forged component made from AMS 6417 bar not only meets but surpasses the stringent demands of modern industries. Call us today for forging solutions that embody strength, precision, and reliability.

AMS 6417 Uses

Here are some of the primary uses of AMS 6417 steel:

  1. Aerospace Components: AMS 6417 bar is extensively used in the aerospace industry for crafting landing gear, structural members, and critical fasteners.
  2. Automotive Racing: In the high-performance automotive sector, particularly in racing, AMS 6417 bar is used for making components that can withstand extreme stress and high temperatures, such as gears, axles, and suspension parts.
  3. Defense and Military Hardware: The defense industry relies on AMS 6417 bar for manufacturing various high-stress components in military vehicles, aircraft, and weaponry systems.
  4. Heavy Machinery and Equipment: In the realm of heavy machinery, AMS 6417 bar is employed in the creation of components that require high strength and resistance to wear and tear, such as shafts, gears, and hydraulic systems.
  5. Power Generation: In the power generation sector, AMS 6417 bar is used for manufacturing various components in turbines, generators, and other equipment that require high strength and resistance to fatigue.
  6. Sporting Goods: In some high-end sporting equipment, where strength and durability are crucial, AMS 6417 bar is used, especially in items like professional-grade bicycles and competitive sports machinery.
  7. Medical Equipment: Due to its reliability, AMS 6417 bar is sometimes utilized in the manufacturing of surgical tools and orthopedic implants, where precision and strength are critical.

AMS 6417 Composition & Properties

Our AMS 6417 bars, tailored for the aerospace industry, feature a specific composition and set of properties designed to meet the rigorous demands of this sector. Below is a detailed table showcasing the composition and key properties of AMS 6417 bar:


Aerospace Industry Specification

Carbon (C)

0.38 – 0.43%

Manganese (Mn)

0.75 – 1.00%

Silicon (Si)

0.15 – 0.35%

Chromium (Cr)

0.70 – 0.90%

Nickel (Ni)

1.65 – 2.00%

Molybdenum (Mo)

0.25 – 0.35%

Vanadium (V)

0.05 – 0.10%

Tensile Strength

Typically > 280 ksi (1930 MPa)

Yield Strength

Typically > 260 ksi (1793 MPa)


Typically > 9%

Reduction of Area

Typically > 40%


Typically 37-40 HRC

Note on AMS 6417 Bar for Aerospace Industry:

  • High Strength: AMS 6417 bar is known for its exceptionally high tensile and yield strength, crucial for aerospace components that endure significant stress.
  • Durability: The alloy’s composition ensures durability, making it ideal for parts exposed to harsh operational environments.
  • Toughness and Hardness: With a balance of toughness and hardness, AMS 6417 bar is well-suited for critical aerospace applications requiring resistance to wear and fatigue.


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