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Specification MTL 1201 Grade 4340M Steel

MTL 1201 Alloy Steel

MTL 1201 Bars Supplier

As a leading MTL-1201 Bar Supplier, we specialize in providing high-quality MTL-1201 bars, a material renowned for its superior mechanical properties and adaptability to various industrial applications. Our focus is on delivering MTL-1201 bars that meet the standards of our clients across diverse sectors.

What We Offer as an MTL-1201 Bar Supplier:

  • Premium Quality MTL-1201 Bars: Our MTL-1201 bars are sourced to ensure top-notch quality.
  • Wide Range of Sizes: our inventory includes MTL-1201 bars in a variety of sizes and diameters.
  • Customization Options: Tailoring to specific project requirements, we offer MTL-1201 bars in custom lengths and dimensions.
  • Diverse Industrial Applications: MTL-1201 bars are versatile and can be used in various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and engineering.
  • Expertise in Material Handling: Our team possesses deep knowledge and expertise in handling MTL-1201 bars, ensuring that you receive products that are not only of high quality but also fit for your specific applications.

MTL-1201 Bar Forging Service

Our MTL-1201 Bar Forging Service is designed to cater to the high demands of industries requiring robust and precision-engineered components.

Core Aspects of Our MTL-1201 Forging Service:

  • Specialized in MTL-1201 Steel: Our forging service focuses on  MTL-1201 bars, a steel grade known for its high strength and excellent mechanical properties.
  • Customized Forging Capabilities: We offer versatile forging options, including open die, closed die, and ring forging.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties: The forging process not only shapes the  MTL-1201 bar but also enhances its inherent qualities.
  • Advanced Heat Treatment Options: To optimize the mechanical properties of the forged  MTL-1201 bars, we provide state-of-the-art heat treatment services.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Our commitment to quality is evident in our rigorous testing and inspection protocols. Each forged component is thoroughly checked to ensure it meets the  MTL-1201 specifications and our clients’ exacting standards.
  • Applications Across Industries: Forged components from  MTL-1201 bars are highly sought after in sectors like aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, and engineering—any industry that requires parts capable of withstanding high stress and wear.

MTL-1201 Bars Uses

MTL-1201 bar, recognized for its exceptional mechanical properties, is increasingly sought after in various industries for applications that demand high strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.

Key Applications of MTL-1201 Bar:

  1. Aerospace Industry: MTL-1201 bar is used in aerospace for manufacturing components.
  2. Defense and Military Equipment: The defense sector relies on MTL-1201 bar for manufacturing robust and durable components for military vehicles, weaponry, and protective gear.
  3. Energy Sector: In energy production and exploration, particularly in oil and gas industries, MTL-1201 bar is used in making drilling and extraction equipment.
  4. Marine Applications: MTL-1201 bar’s resistance to corrosion and strength make it suitable for various marine applications, including shipbuilding and underwater equipment.
  5. Tool Making: MTL-1201 bar is also used in tool making, especially for high-strength tools and dies that require excellent wear resistance and durability.

MTL-1201 Composition & Properties

MTL-1201, a high-strength, low-alloy steel, is designed for applications demanding exceptional mechanical properties. Below is a comprehensive table detailing the composition and key properties of MTL-1201, particularly focusing on its relevance to the aerospace industry.


Specification for Aerospace Industry

Carbon (C)

0.28 – 0.33%

Manganese (Mn)

0.40 – 0.70%

Silicon (Si)

0.20 – 0.35%

Chromium (Cr)

0.70 – 1.00%

Nickel (Ni)

1.65 – 2.00%

Molybdenum (Mo)

0.30 – 0.50%

Vanadium (V)

0.05 – 0.10%

Tensile Strength

Typically > 280 ksi (1930 MPa)

Yield Strength

Typically > 260 ksi (1793 MPa)

Elongation in 2″ (%)

Typically > 9%

Reduction of Area (%)

Typically > 40%

Hardness (Rockwell C)

Typically 37-40 HRC


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