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AMS 6419 Specification 4340M Steel

AMS 6419 Alloy Steel

What is AMS 6419?

AMS 6419 is a specification for a high-grade alloy steel known for its exceptional strength and toughness. AMS 6419 is composed of several alloying elements. A significant feature of AMS 6419 is its excellent response to heat treatment. AMS 6419 is characterized by its high tensile strength and toughness, which are essential qualities for materials used in critical applications where failure is not an option. The steel’s composition and heat treatment process contribute to its high wear resistance, an important attribute for parts in moving mechanisms or those exposed to abrasive conditions.

AMS 6419 Bars Supplier

As a dedicated AMS 6419 Bar Supplier, we specialize in providing high-quality alloy steel bars that adhere to the AMS 6419 specification. Our focus is on delivering steel bars meet the industry standard.

Our offerings as an AMS 6419 bar supplier:

  • Quality Compliance: Our AMS 6419 bars strictly comply with the Aerospace Material Specifications, ensuring they meet the high standards required for strength, toughness, and resistance to wear.
  • Diverse Inventory: We maintain a comprehensive stock of AMS 6419 bars in various sizes and diameters, catering to a wide range of industrial requirements.
  • Customization Services: Recognizing the unique demands of different projects, we offer AMS 6419 bars in custom lengths and sizes, tailored to specific client needs.
  • Applications of AMS 6419 Bars: These bars are widely used in industries like aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery, where materials must withstand high stress and wear.
  • Industry Expertise: Our team brings extensive knowledge and experience in handling AMS 6419 bars.

AMS 6419 Bar Forging Service

Our AMS 6419 Bar Forging Service is tailored to meet the high demands of industries requiring components with exceptional strength, durability, and performance. Leveraging the superior qualities of AMS 6419 alloy steel bars, we deliver custom-forged components that stand up to the most challenging conditions.

Highlights of our AMS 6419 bar forging service:

  • Specialized in AMS 6419 Alloy: We focus on forging AMS 6419 bars, a material known for its high strength and toughness.
  • Custom Forging Capabilities: Our service is equipped to handle a range of custom forging projects. Whether it’s open die, closed die, or precision forging, we can produce components in various shapes and sizes, tailored to your specifications.
  • Advanced Heat Treatment: To further enhance the mechanical properties of the forged AMS 6419 bars, we offer advanced heat treatment options.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our forging facility is equipped with modern machinery and technology.
  • Diverse Industrial Applications: Forged components from AMS 6419 bars are ideal for critical applications in aerospace, automotive, defense, and heavy machinery.
  • Quality Assurance: We adhere to stringent quality control standards. Each forged component undergoes thorough inspections and testing to ensure it meets the AMS 6419 specifications and client requirements.

Why Choose Our AMS 6419 Bar Forging Service

Opting for our AMS 6419 Bar Forging Service means choosing a partner committed to delivering high-quality, durable, and precision-engineered components. Trust us to be your provider of choice for AMS 6419 bar forging services, where quality, precision, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

AMS 6419 Applications and Uses

Below are the key uses of AMS 6419 bars in different sectors:

Key Uses of AMS 6419 Bar:

  1. Aerospace Industry: AMS 6419 bar is heavily used in aerospace applications.
  2. Automotive Sector: AMS 6419 bar is used for components like gears, axles, and suspension systems.
  3. Defense and Military Equipment: The defense sector utilizes AMS 6419 bars for various applications, including the production of armored vehicles, weaponry systems, and other military hardware where durability and reliability are paramount.
  4. Heavy Machinery Manufacturing: For industrial machinery that requires high-strength components, such as hydraulic systems, shafts, and gears, AMS 6419 bar is an ideal choice. Its wear resistance ensures longevity and consistent performance under heavy use.
  5. Energy Industry: AMS 6419 bar is used for making drilling equipment and other machinery that must operate in harsh environments while maintaining structural integrity.
  6. Tool and Die Making: The tool and die industry benefits from the use of AMS 6419 bar due to its high hardness and wear resistance, making it suitable for creating molds, dies, and other precision tools.
  7. General Engineering Applications: AMS 6419 bar finds usage in various engineering applications where high strength, toughness, and resistance to wear are required, such as in the construction of bridges, buildings, and other infrastructure.

AMS 6419 Composition & Properties

AMS 6419 bar is a high-strength, low-alloy steel characterized by its specific composition and mechanical properties, making it ideal for the aerospace industry and other high-stress applications. Below is a detailed table that outlines the composition and key properties of AMS 6419 bar:


Specification for Aerospace Industry

Carbon (C)

0.30 – 0.40%

Manganese (Mn)

0.60 – 0.90%

Silicon (Si)

0.20 – 0.35%

Chromium (Cr)

0.80 – 1.10%

Nickel (Ni)

1.65 – 2.00%

Molybdenum (Mo)

0.25 – 0.35%

Vanadium (V)

0.05 – 0.10%

Tensile Strength

Typically > 280 ksi (1930 MPa)

Yield Strength

Typically > 260 ksi (1793 MPa)

Elongation in 2″ (%)

Typically > 9%

Reduction of Area (%)

Typically > 40%

Hardness (Rockwell C)

Typically 37-40 HRC

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